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member benefits

NACM provides Manager Members, Affiliate Members and Executive Members with an extensive amount of activities to attend including Manager’s Luncheons, Industry Mixers, Golf Outings, Spotlight Programs and Educational Seminars.  NACM also provides Manager Members with the ability to enhance their professional attributes by becoming committee members and serving their industry alongside a group of individuals with like or similar interests.

Membership Types

Manager Members are individuals who manage community associations and are currently active and eligible to participate in NACM activities.  Manager Members are in no way part of, or representative of, an Affiliate Member or potential Affiliate Member corporation.
Candidate Manager Members are a non-voting Member actively engaged and employed in the management of a Community Association. Includes non-licensed agents of community management companies.

Executive Members Executive Members are corporations who specialize in the management of communities in Nevada, service the community management industry, and are currently active and eligible to participate in NACM activities.  Executive Members are in no way part of, or representative of, an Affiliate Member or Manager Member or a potential Affiliate Member or Manager Member.


Manager Member Eligibility NACM is dedicated to working with community managers to achieve high professional standards in their performance with each other, their clients, their coworkers and the business professionals who serve their clients. We pursue our mission in part through a closed membership policy which requires all Manager Members to be actively involved in the community association management industry as currently licensed professionals through the Nevada Real Estate Division (“NRED”). NACM does set a standard for client service and business relation performance that must be achieved as a condition of membership.  For more information, please visit our website at and download the NACM CODE OF PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND STANDARDS OF PRACTICE (“CPESP”).
Candidate Manager Member Eligibility NACM is also dedicated to working with individuals who desire to become Community Managers as one of their career goals.  Administrative Assistants or other professionals in the community management industry are welcome to join NACM in order to enhance their professional attributes provided that they currently do not hold a license to manage Common Interest Communities within the state of Nevada. Candidate Manager Member eligibility is limited to ten percent (10%) of the total amount of Manager Members.  For example, if NACM has a total of One Hundred (100) Manager Members, ten of those may be Candidate Manager Members. 

Executive Member Eligibility NACM does offer Executive Membership to corporations. Executives who desire to be actively involved in this organization may do so upon submission of the signed Executive Member Application and membership dues payment in full.  Executive Membership dues are non-refundable and nontransferable to other eligible members or potential members.


Where a community manager has been afforded a Manager Membership by virtue of an Executive Membership held by their employer, Manager’s must hold their own membership, separate from that of its Executive Member employer. If a Manager Member should leave the employment of the Executive Member under which they were provided membership to NACM, their membership shall follow them for the remainder of the membership period in which employment was terminated.  In the aforementioned instance, the Executive Member shall assign their available membership to another eligible manager at the time of renewal of the Executive Membership.